Guest Poster Writes Guest Post About Guest Posting

This is not a guest post. There is no doubt that a guest post is a decent way to gain links to your site, new followers, and establish a reputation for yourself. But does every third guest post have to be about guest posting?

Is there really anything else you can learn about guest posting beyond what I’ve written in the first paragraph? No. So does the web really need more guest posts rambling on at length about the virtues of guest posting? No. Isn’t this post a rambling post about guest posting? Yes. But at least it’s not a guest post.

The real point of guest posting is for the SITE OWNER to benefit, not the guest poster. How does that work? Look at some of the big names allowing guest posts- John Chow, Shoemoney, Problogger, etc. etc. These are not people who put things on their site without an underlying purpose. And without a clear moneymaking hook in the guest post like an affiliate link, why would they want some random no-name blogger to post on their site?

The answer is actually quite simple: free content, no work. The guest poster (even if they’re writing the 1000th post about the benefits of guest posting) is providing the site owner with free original content. You know someone else besides site owners that likes lots of original content? Hint: it starts with a G and ends with an oogle.

There is a downside to letting guest posters on your site though; less control of your content. Sure you can proofread the guest post, but how rare is it that a guest post is of the same quality as the regular articles? Then there’s the chance that the guest post has been posted in many other places just slightly reworded to avoid copyscape. There’s the risk that you alienate your readers- they want to hear you, not some random guy guest posting about guest posting.

It all comes down to quality; whether you are guest posting or allowing guest posts- make it good.

One more quick point is that if you are heavily involved in article submission to article directories, you should definitely try to switch over to guest posting those articles instead. The reasoning is that if you going to spend the time to write an original article solely to get one link from an article directory that no human ever actually reads, you are better served in my opinion by posting that same article as a guest post on a relevant blog that has actual readers instead.

That said, if I see one more guest post about guest posting I will need to be restrained and/or sedated (although just reading the article about guest posting might work on the sedation side). Just stop it.

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