Negative PR is still PR

public relations

Did you know that according to the study carried out a few years ago an average unhappy customer would tell 10 of their friends about their negative experience. These friends will in their turn tell around 5 more people. If you leave enough of your customers angry with your product/service you will pretty much start a negative viral boom. This can often considerably damage your business to the point of you going bankrupt. Nobody would want this to happen to them. Or would they?

When it comes to backlinks there is no such thing as a negative backlink. If I point to Live search with Live search sucks I will only be giving it a boost in terms of seo. This is in fact very similar to what has happened to me. Do you remember my post on generating money with Freecycle? Have a look at some of the comments. When writing that blog post I had no idea what a can of warms I was opening. I ended up causing an absolute outrage within Freecycle community. They were so disgusted with my blog that they would go around telling everyone about my shameless money generating method. At one point I had so much traffic coming in I thought about turning the WordPress supercache on. Best of all however, every time they were mentioning my “terrible” blog on various forums, blogs and social networks… you guessed it! I was getting a backlink.

PS: I’m sorry Freecycle but I promised myself there will be no subject no matter how controversial, that I would not cover on my blog.

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