What’s An Effective Off Page SEO Strategy?

You can approach search engine optimization as both a science or an art form, but in either case, it empowers you to get your website placed prominently in the search engine results pages for your keywords. Given that four out of five of your visitors are going to come from search engines, then using the right SEO methods becomes crucial for the success of your website.

SEO happens in two kinds, and most of what you might know or have learned is about on page SEO. If you’re here, it’s assumed you’re looking for off page SEO strategy ideas, because that’s what this article tackles.

Off page SEO strategy ideas are the things you can do to improve the page rank of your site once it is already live. Very little of this involves things you do inside your actual website pages, hence the name.

Most off page SEO revolves around building up your link popularity, which is a combination of both the number of links you have pointing back to your site, as well as the quality of them. If you’re not sure where you stand regarding current link popularity, there are free tools you can use to check it out. In general, the higher your link popularity proves to be, the more your PR will follow.

You might think at first that it’s just a matter of exchanging links with other websites, but that’s not only hard to do these days, but it’s also a terrible idea. It’s called reciprocal linking, and Google penalizes it. Unilateral links are what you want.

Posting content that is very informative, unique from everyone else, and even engaging or entertaining is a significant first step. This gets others to link to you, but this is also an on-page SEO strategy.

So, what off page SEO strategies can you try?

Article marketing is undoubtedly one such possibility. The Internet has thousands of article directories, and you can submit your content to them. Each submission includes a resource box where you can put an introduction to yourself, including a link back to your website. Some article directories have rather high PRs on their own. If they accept your articles, your content and links will get included in the rest of their pages. That will boost your PR. You could submit one article to five hundred directories and get five hundred links back. Sounds like a lot of work, right, especially when Google checks for duplicate content, even in backlinks? Use a spinner and an article directory submission service to spare yourself the work.

Forum marketing is another angle you can take. Find online communities focused on your niche, and then join up. Put a link in your signature box and then start posting as much as you can do without being a blatant spammer.

Advertising things at Craigslist is an unusual but effective strategy. The website is famous for its classifieds to the point of enjoying a PR7 score. That rare score is something you can enjoy by posting related ads with links pointing to your website. Search engine spiders respect PR7 sites like Doodle Kit and will carry that over when they find you through those links.

Consider triangular linking. Google loathes reciprocal linking, but you can get around that limitation by practicing the art of triangular linking. What you need is at least two more webmasters willing to try it out. You can link to the second webmaster, who then links not to you but the third webmaster. In turn, the third webmaster then connects back to you from his or her pages. You should know that search engines may eventually decide to enforce penalties on this linking just like they do reciprocal linking, but at the time of writing, most search engine spiders weren’t programmed to look for this sort of thing yet.

Now that you have read this article, you know a specific set of off page SEO tips and strategy ideas you can use to improve the standing and traffic of your website. These are far from the only ones out there though, so keep looking around at more resources if you choose to get even more at your disposal.

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