Top 3 SEO Audit Tips for Plastic Surgeons

If you are aiming to drive traffic to your website as a plastic surgeon, one of the best things that you can do is to improve your SEO efforts. The best way to ensure that you are doing everything possible to improve your SEO is through regular SEO audits. By auditing your website for optimal SEO, you will be able to ensure that your site is completely optimized to achieve the best SEO ranking potential. Below, we will be going over some of the essential tips to perform SEO audits on your plastic surgery website.

Top Tips For Auditing Your Website: 

1. Keyword Analysis

One of the most important things that you will be able to do when you are looking to improve your SEO efforts is to ensure that you are targeting the right keywords. Appropriate keyword targeting is essential to maximize your ranking potential. Therefore, you want to begin auditing the most fundamentals of SEO which is proper keyword targeting. You can do this by looking to see what keywords you are currently ranking for and by seeing which keywords are bringing you the most traffic. While keywords used to be much more important than they are presently, the keywords that you are actively targeting are still going to determine what you rank for on the most basic level. You should be using various tools to analyze your keyword performance including a keyword research tool of your choosing and Google Analytics. You can sign up for an analytics account here:

2. Crawl Your Website

Another important thing that you will want to do when you are looking to audit your website would be a crawl. You want to crawl your site to pinpoint any areas that you should be focusing on. There are all kinds of tools that you can use to crawl your website including but not limited to tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. By crawling your site, you will be able to pinpoint areas that can be improved due to issues with duplicate content, redirect problems, and even non-linked pages. You will also be able to figure out how often Google is crawling your website which can help you further

3. On-Page Checks

Another important thing that you should be doing when you are looking to see whether or not there are any improvements to be made would be manual on-page checks. You should be doing this regularly because these issues can lead to decreased rankings and they are very easy to spot. If you are using the WordPress CMS, you could always download a plugin like Yoast SEO to conduct these checks for you. However, if you are doing it on your own, you will want to look for various things including poorly optimized page titles, duplicate page titles, duplicate pages, and even poorly optimized title tags. By correcting these issues, you will be able to position your website to rank better.

Overall, there are plenty of SEO benefits for a plastic surgeon, and different checks that you can do to audit your website to enhance your ranking potential effectively. Follow the tips above, and you should be able to identify and correct the most important issues that could negatively impact your rankings.

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Search Engine Marketing 101

The modern corporate and business scene is extremely dynamic and as consequently demands that senior management and involved stakeholders keep up with emerging trends. As a result of this, Search engine marketing has emerged as one of the most essential marketing tools that can propel a business to greater financial heights as it entails appearing in that coveted first place to convey relevant product information to consumers searching for your products and services.

The following are must-know details on search engine marketing and how you can capitalize on the marketing tool to boost your business performance

1. Search engine marketing is continuous

Most businesses fail in incorporating positive marketing strategies when dealing with search engine marketing due to the perception that it is a one-time activity. However, this is not the case as search engine marketing requires a strict follow-up. Getting to the top of the search results page is great but now you have to stay there.

2. Search engine marketing should be diverse.

Settling for a single strategy is a common mistake that most of us make, which unfortunately has adverse effects the performance of our businesses. Therefore, it is important to understand that all tools whether on page or link building are important especially in ensuring your business benefits from extensive search engine marketing. Using all the right tactics available will help increase your reach and create the required level of awareness to potential clients.

3. Search engine marketing should be taken serious- Literally!

Investing in search engine marketing is not enough to guarantee successful marketing operations. Due to this, it is essential to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the responsibility that comes with adapting the strategy. Although it might appear easy, much work must be put into the search engine marketing processes to ensure the right strategies are used, and effectively used for that matter.

4. Choose a strategy based on your target market

Not every strategy will work as planned. This means that you will have to go the extra mile in planning for marketing by identifying the target market and the most appropriate ways to reach clients. This will help reduce the chances of failed ventures and increase the effectiveness of the strategies as well. Perform a in-depth SEO audit to help prepare adequately.

5. Research, Research, Research

Research is key to the success of any marketing strategy. Search engine marketing, however, requires extensive research especially on clients and the appropriate keywords to target. Failure to conduct meaningful research increases the chances of failure which minimizes the chances of successful marketing using search engines.

As you ponder on the value in Search engine marketing, it is important to consider the above tips and use them as guides to help avoid making common mistakes that most people make.

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