Why You Should Keep Track of Your Sketchy Link Buying Schemes

So suddenly every webmaster and SEO in town is freaking about thanks to the latest Google update. Panda, Penguin, Ocelet, whatever cute animal the Google powers deem worthy to deflect the hard feelings of those whose sites fall in the rankings. But not every webmaster is doing this the right way. For example…

I recently received an email asking for 2 links to a particular store’s site be removed from my authority site. Here’s a copy-pasta from the email:

I’m contacting you to ask if you could kindly remove a number of links within blog posts placed on some of your sites below. All of the posts listed are linking through to my clients site and appear to have been deindexed in Google. I’d be very grateful if you

could remove these links, or better still, remove the page entirely if possible:

Yes, that’s actually where the paragraph break was.

Then they listed the 2 posts along with about 10 other pages of tags that were in those posts. Now my site was not deindexed in any way (but thanks for making me have to check just to make sure) and ranks highly for the term on the page probably due to a number of other sites linking to me. Maybe he meant his client’s site was deindexed not mine. Who knows?

One of the links was some relevant comment with a link, so I deleted the comment. Now my site has never sold links and is an authority site in Google, blah blah blah totally legit. So there’s no reason why they would need the other link removed which was a link to said item from their store within an entire post about the product.

Because someone did not keep track of whatever link buying or comment spamming or whatever sketchy behavior they were involved in, they are now losing a real relevant link from an authority site. A link on a page that ranks just one result behind their own page in Google’s results for the product’s name. Their loss.

I understand that Google wants you to remove sketchy links from link-buying schemes, etc. Here’s what else the email said:

I will be filing a reconsideration request to Google by the end of this week, and any links that are not removed at this point will be included in the reconsideration request.

But to just search for every site that has ever linked to you and ask them to remove your links without even looking at the site? Really? What’s going to happen when you file your reconsideration request and now suddenly your site has no links to it at all because you removed ALL of them? That’s just terrible SEO’ing.

This will only weaken their page in the rankings, particularly if they are blindly asking everyone who linked to them to remove the links. As for me, I found the same product on Amazon and put in an affiliate link to it instead. Win, win.

9 Responses to “Why You Should Keep Track of Your Sketchy Link Buying Schemes”

  1. scott Says:

    Google keep sending the scary emails ,so people go bananas.

  2. NDA Coaching Says:

    Nice post dude…

  3. Neil Says:

    Very true and also keep those passwords too. But before you go deleting everything maybe just disavow the bad stuff from Google but keep the other stuff up for Bing.

  4. mohmmad345 Says:

    Great article. I’m going to bookmark this, sometimes I lose my way and think of link building like collecting trading cards and forget the importance of relevant links. Thanks

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